Jaya Dantas has many leadership roles but she has continued to be research active. She has received over AUD$4,000,000 in research funding including: International grants (International Organisation for Migration and UNICEF Sri-Lanka), Category 1 (Office of Learning and Teaching and Healthway), Government (Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources), State (Lotteries, Office of Multicultural Interests, Department of Health and BankWest), and University funding. Most of her funding is as lead investigator and she has had continuous funding since 2005. Her research focuses on empowerment, resilience and adaptive processes among refugees and migrants and has examined the consequences of post-conflict adversity, the social determinants and cross-cultural health issues with a strong focus on psychosocial well-being. Jaya Dantas has methods expertise in mixed, community and participatory approaches. She currently leads a research program in refugee and migrant health with skills in the co-design and implementation of public health interventions informed by community and service engagement.

Grants (Current)

Grants (Completed)

  • (2022): Owen, S., Jefferson, T (Leads)., Chambers, S., Dayaram, K., Dantas, J., Dobson, A., Dzidic, P., McGlade, P., & Metta, M (Experts). Whole of State Government Strategy to prevent and respond to sexual violence – Literature Review Project. [Funded by Department of Communities & Department of Justice]
  • (2021-2022): Golding, N (Co-ordinating PI)., Shearer, F (PI)., Gething, P (PI)., Dantas, J (PI)., Martini, A., Baldassar, L., Price, D., Cameron, E., et al. Quantifying contact networks for COVID-19 outbreak preparedness. [Funded by West Australian Future Health Research and Innovation Fund (COVID-19)] (AUD $223,740)
  • (2018-2021): Dantas, J (CI A – Lead)., Reid, A., Hallet, J., Gower, S (AI)., & Jeemi, Z (AI). EMPOWER – Empowerment and Peer Mentoring of refugee women. [Funded by Healthway Intervention Grant] (AUD $358,000)
  • (2018-2021): Dantas, J (CI A – Lead)., Ntoumanis, N., Hallet, J., McVeigh, J., Gower, S (AI)., & Jeemi, Z (AI). SAMBA – South Asian Mothers and children Being Active. [Funded by Healthway Intervention Grant] (AUD $260,000)
  • (2018-2019): Saunders, J., Heyworth, J., Dantas, J., & Reid, A. Migration widows in Nepal: a pilot exploratory study. [Funded by School of Global and Population Health, University of Western Australia]
  • (2016-2019): Dantas, J., Norman, R., Lopez, R., & Tan, BK. Health outcomes and cost of providing professional interpreter services for migrant patients with low English proficiency in a secondary health setting in Western Australia. [Funded by Department of Justice, RUSSIC & Faculty of Health Sciences] (AUD $16,000)
  • (2015-2017): Fagan, S., Earnest, J., Tregale, R., Baker, S., Singh, S., Cameron, H., & Irwin, E. (Re)Claiming Social Capital: Improving Language And Cultural Pathways For Refugee Students Into Australian Higher Education. [Funded by Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) Project Grant] (AUD $347,000)
  • (2015-2017): Earnest, J. Empowerment and mental health promotion of refugee women through photovoice. [Funded by Special Research Initiative on Disadvantaged Groups: Healthway] (AUD $75,000)
  • (2015-2017): Cameron, R., & Earnest, J. Minimising skills wastage and maximising the health of skilled migrant groups. [Funded by Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre] (AUD $75,000)
  • (2013-2014): Earnest, J., & Thompson, S. Refugee Youth Renewal and Resilience. [Funded by Healthway] (AUD $75,000)
  • (2013-2014): Earnest, J., Jones, M., & Singh, D. Community Dialogue on Maternal Health: Exploratory case studies from Eastern Uganda. [Funded by the Transcultural Health Initiative, Department of Health, Western Australia] (AUD $10,000)
  • (2011): Earnest, J. Development and delivery of a qualitative health research methods course. Postgraduate Allied Health Institute (PGAHI), Singapore [Funded by PGAHI]
  • (2011): Earnest, J. Development and delivery of a qualitative research methods course with a focus on gender. Centre for Gender, Culture and Development, Kigali Institute of Education, Rwanda. [Funded by NORAD]
  • (2010-2011): Earnest, J., Hopkins, S., & Housen, T. Migration Patterns and the impact of remittances on Poverty and Human Capital in Timor-Leste. [Funded by Centre for Advanced Studies in Australia, Asia & the Pacific & Centre for International Health] (AUD $25,000)
  • (2008-2009): Earnest, J. Strategies to enhance well-being of refugee youth in Universities in Perth. [Funded by Healthway] (AUD $91,000)
  • (2007-2010): Earnest, J., & Silburn, J. LiFE – Learning Interactively for Engagement: development of an innovative teaching and learning program to meet the needs of refugee students in two Western Australian Universities. [Funded by Australian Learning Teaching Council (ALTC) Competitive Grants Program] (AUD $140,000)
  • (2007-2009): Earnest, J. Goans in Western Australia: Narratives of a vibrant migrant community. [Funded by Lotteries & Office of Multicultural Interests] (AUD $52,000)
  • (2006): Earnest, J., & Finger, R. Resource and vulnerability mapping needs of children affected by war in North East, Sri Lanka. [Funded by UNICEF, Sri Lanka] (AUD $34,000)
  • (2005-2006): Earnest, J. Migration mobility and HIV vulnerability in East Timor. [Funded by International Organisation for Migration East Timor & UNAIDS] (AUD $62,000)
  • (2005): Earnest, J., & Gillieatt, S. Adolescent refugee perspectives on psychosocial well-being. [Funded by Healthway Starter Grant] (AUD $20,000)